Fire Alarm Installations

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Installations

We install and service the following systems:

  • Wired Conventional Fire Alarms
  • Addressable Fire Alarms
  • Wireless Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
  • Hybrid Fire Alarms
  • Conventional Fire Alarms
  • Addressable Fire Alarms
  • Wireless Fire Alarms
  • Hybrid Radio Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Installations We Offer

Fire Alarm Installations

Conventional Fire Alarm

  • divides your premises into broad zones
  • in the event of an alert, the fire alarm panel identifies the zone, but not the precise area
  •  most suitable for smaller or lower risk environments


Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable Fire Alarm

  • Also called “intelligent systems” each individual device has its own unique electronic address
  • If one activates, the fire alarm panel tells you precisely where the problem is
  • most suitable for larger or higher risk environments –I.E. schools, care homes, hospitals
Matrix Wireless Fire Alarm

Wireless Fire Alarm

  • uses a secure wireless link between the sensors and the fire alarm panel
  • typically works like an addressable system, just without the wires
  • most suitable for premises such as historic buildings where cables are intrusive
Hybrid Radio Fire System Components

Hybrid Radio Fire Systems

  • Hybrid fire systems combine hard-wired and wireless, radio technologies under a single control regime.
  • Typically they are used where new system suits the combination of wired and wireless technologies.
  • The advantage of this system is when buildings can’t be tampered with to be wired (not structurally possible, not allowed, too costly)
    or regulatory demands for running (additional) wiring at a site are too costly.

Fire Alarm Systems Installations

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