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 Bells-Only Alarm

A bells-only intruder alarm is a ringer alarm which makes a noise when a break-in is detected. The external alarm will continue for a maximum of 15 minutes,(only if no further movement is detected). But the internal intruder alarm and outdoor strobe will continue to flash until the system is turned off.


Illuminated Bell Box for an even greater security deterrent, illuminated versions are available to increase visibility during darkness.


Matrix External Sounder acts as a highly visible deterrent to inform potential intruders that your property is protected. It emits a 115-decibel alarm siren if your intruder alarm system is triggered.


Decoy Backplate & Dual LED Flasher Module The Decoy Sounder mimics the live external sounder, without the additional cost and wiring, to act as an extra deterrent in remote parts of a property.


The Dual LED Flasher Module comes with ultra-high visibility LEDs, programmable flashing options, plus an extended battery life of up to six years.


Matrix Security / Orisec. Intruder alarm panels wirelessly could be programmed to send push notification to your mobile app Examples, intruder, set/unset, fire, Elderly care/ Help call, remote control; gates, door entry etc. 


App A range of iOS & Android Apps giving secure access to control panels. Allows you to remotely set/unset your alarm system.o

State of the Art ControlPLus Monitoring Systems

Intruder Alarm


The ControlPlus App gives you complete visibility of your alarm system, including camera streaming, allowing total operational control, system event notifications and monitoring from anywhere, at any time.

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